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Formulaic analysis based upon the tools and techniques in An Oral-Formulaic Study of the Qur’an (New York: Lexington, 2017 [2014])

Qur’an transliteration based upon the Tanzil Qur’an Text (Uthmani, version 1.0.2); Copyright © 2008-2009 Tanzil.info;
License: Creative Commons BY-ND 3.0.

Qur’an Gateway makes some use of the Quranic Arabic Corpus developed at the University of Leeds by Kais Dukes. It is released under the GNU License — and in keeping with the terms of that license, you can download a version of it here, or read the full copyright header here.

Dictionary data derived from Project Root List, which has digitised several classical Arabic dictionaries (al-Mufradāt fī gharīb al-Qurʾān, Lisān al-ʿarab, Tāj al-ʿarūs min jawāhir al-qāmūs, and An Arabic-English Lexicon by E.W Lane) and made the data publicly available.

Unless otherwise owned by QGateway, Inc., image copyrights are as follows:

© The Museum of Islamic Art / Qatar National Library

© The Al Sabah Collection

Images from the National Library of Russia are shown by permission of the National Library of Russia, © National Library of Russia

Images from the Bibliothèque nationale de France are shown by permission, © Bibliothèque nationale de France

We thank Dr. Daniel Brubaker, PhD, a founding shareholder, for his work while an officer of the company.

All photographs contained in Qurʾan Gateway are either used by permission or are felt to constitute fair use.

In memoriam, Keith Small (1959-2018)

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